Cincinnati Preschool Promise

About Us

Cincinnati Preschool Promise is a non-profit organization, expanding access to quality preschools in Cincinnati. Preschool expansion is made possible thanks to a significant investment from taxpayers who approved a 5-year Cincinnati Public Schools levy in 2016. The levy includes $33 million a year to strengthen K-12 education and $15 million a year to expand access to quality preschool.

Preschool Promise, Cincinnati Public Schools and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati signed an agreement detailing how preschool expansion will workCincinnati Preschool Promise will utilize funds to expand the number of quality preschools and for tuition assistance for families who need it most. Parents who qualify may enroll their child in community-based preschool or a Cincinnati Public Schools preschool of their choice.


The Cincinnati Preschool Promise makes it possible for families to have equitable access to high quality, culturally competent preschool in public and private settings within the Cincinnati Public School district boundary.



Our region values preschool as an integral part of a child’s education and as an important support for working families. The community acknowledges that the best outcomes are possible with continuous access to high quality education, beginning with preschool, and ongoing engagement throughout a child’s educational experience. This is especially true for children with the greatest need. Kindergarten readiness, and third grade reading are short-term benefits of increased participation in preschool. The longer-term benefits, from middle school through high school, will produce a more qualified workforce and a community in which all residents have an opportunity to thrive.

Supporting families

With Cincinnati Preschool Promise, quality preschool is accessible and affordable for local families. Through our tuition assistance, qualified families receive scholarship dollars to use at 90+ preschools throughout the city.

Partnering with Providers

We partner with local preschool providers to enroll more students, and improve and maintain their quality rating through the State of Ohio’s Step Up to Quality system.

Find a Preschool

With our preschool partners, there are over 80 unique, quality-rated preschools for families to consider. This includes family child care, private, nonprofit, parochial and public school options.

Meet our families and preschool providers

We are grateful to work with such amazing families and early childhood education providers every day.
Here are some highlights.

“Cincinnati Preschool Promise helped my family in a financial way. I’m a one-person income. Instead of me having to pay for him to go to school, I could focus on other things. This alleviated the stress of how to get him educated.”


Deena Merritt


“Cincinnati Preschool Promise has made valuable resources available to me to assure my success and career growth. They have single-handedly kicked open doors that have appeared to be obstacles in my career path as a childcare business owner.”


Laroy Holloway

A-List Kids Childcare and Learning Center

“As a newly single mom, I had to return to the workforce after staying home with my children. I had twin boys and any amount of childcare would have been too much. The program not only helped me pay, they were encouraging and I could tell they really cared. I am so thankful for this program.”
Alysun Ogilby


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