Executive Director Stephanie Byrd Recognized by Mayor as Cincinnatian of the Year

A big congrats to Stephanie Byrd and Greg Landsman, who were named Cincinnatians of the Year for their incredible work on the Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

“The vision and determination to convince this community to adopt the Preschool Promise was not easy,” Mayor John Cranley said during the State of the City address on Oct. 3. “Greg Landsman and Stephanie Byrd dedicated literally years of their lives to this cause because they fundamentally want to leave this city better than they found it, and they have.”

Stephanie is currently serving as the Cincinnati Preschool Promise Interim Executive Director. Greg Landsman is a longtime Cincinnati Preschool Promise supporter and now leads the Cincinnati Preschool Alliance.

Cranley also spoke about the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, calling it the “greatest single advance to reduce poverty over the past year.” Research shows that children who attend high-quality preschool are more likely to be ready for kindergarten, to read by third grade and to graduate from high school. But preschool tuition is an expensive investment – and one that many families struggle to afford.

“Until the Preschool Promise, many of our children living in poverty were not able to access affordable quality preschool, furthering disparities and perpetuating the generational cycles of poverty that must be broken,” Cranley said.

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