Improving Quality at J.C. Wynn Child Development Center

Tiffany Resses has worked in education for years – as a teacher’s aide, teacher and lead teacher. But when she was promoted to director of J.C. Wynn Child Development Center in Walnut Hills, she wasn’t quite sure where to start.

“I never thought I would be in a position where I could lead others,” she said during the Cincinnati Preschool Promise September board meeting. “I always knew I wanted to do something with children, but I didn’t know what direction to take.”

With an almost entirely new staff, Tiffany started learning and growing into her new position. In August, she reached out to Cincinnati Preschool Promise and became one of the first Quality Improvement provider applicants.

“When Cincinnati Preschool Promise came along, I was excited, and nervous, and happy to know that I have other support in the community,” she said.

J.C. Wynn was approved as a Quality Improvement site. Tiffany and her staff have already begun developing their improvement plan and receiving strategic, tangible supports improve quality at the center. This includes Child Development Associate (CDA) support to provide further education and certification to Tiffany and one of her preschool teachers. They started classes at Cincinnati State on Sept. 23.

“I’m so happy that there was funding support (for CDAs) because I couldn’t take on another bill,” she said. “I already have four children. Every school they attended, I taught. Every day care they attended, I attended. I’ve always worked. When (Cincinnati Preschool Promise) said they had funding for CDAs, I was excited.”

Through our quality improvement work, Cincinnati Preschool Promise partners with providers who have 1 or 2 stars, or are not yet rated by Step Up To Quality, a 5-star quality rating system administered by the State of Ohio. By joining the quality improvement work, providers receive the tangible support and coaching they need to increase their Step Up to Quality star rating. This work will increase the number of high-quality preschool seats throughout Cincinnati, allowing more children to gain a strong start and be prepared for kindergarten.

“Cincinnati Preschool Promise is a great support for me,” Tiffany said. “If they can teach me, then I can teach my staff. I’m excited about this opportunity and grateful that Cincinnati Preschool Promise is here.”

If you are a community-based preschool and would like more information on our Quality Improvement program, please visit or contact Patti Craig at 513-263-6765.

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