Local12: Six months in, keeping the promises

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Since enrollment began six months ago, Cincinnati Preschool Promise has had successes and challenges. But after one semester of school. there are about 1,100 children receiving tuition assistance in more than 80 participating programs.

One program, Water Lily Learning Center, has made improvements, which director Garri Davis attributes to her participation in Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

From Local12:

Money from the Preschool Promise has let the Water Lily Learning Center double the number of preschool children, double the number of preschool instructors, and add programs to help the kids.

The whole idea? Get kids ready for kindergarten, and then for life.

“We’ve also been able to add enrichment programs so our preschoolers have Spanish once a week and soccer once a week,” said Garri Davis of the Water Lily Learning Center. “So they do have access to things they may not have had access to if they stayed at home or went to another school setting, and the parents do appreciate that.”

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