Expressing heartfelt gratitude to Stephanie Byrd

During its Feb. 20 meeting, the Cincinnati Preschool Promise board of managers thanked Stephanie Byrd for her dedication to the organization and her continued commitment to our region’s youngest learners.

From Michael J. Graham, S.J., president of Xavier University and chair of the CPP Board of Managers:

“When Issue 44 was approved by voters in November 2016, the luxury of time to prepare for the task ahead quite simply didn’t exist. Cincinnati Preschool Promise had to hit the ground running to fulfill our promise to the community. Enter Stephanie Byrd. As senior vice president of early learning strategies for the United Way of Greater Cincinnati she leads the effort to achieve United Way’s regional bold goal that 85-percent of  children will be prepared for kindergarten by 2020.

Stephanie was part of the team that worked so hard to get Issue 44 approved by voters. After passage, her leadership skills and dedication to children made her the perfect person to take on the role of interim director of Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

Not surprisingly, Stephanie embraced the challenge. Of course Stephanie stepped up. Of course she did what was asked of her on behalf of the community. Of course, in addition to her United Way job,  she took on more work and more responsibility. That is who Stephanie Byrd is.

As interim director, in just one year, Stephanie has: 

  • Given focus and direction to the Board.
  • Helped build a team of professionals who will take CPP into the future.
  • Overseen the grassroots work of connecting with parents, enrolling children (more than 1,100) in quality preschool, coordinating with community providers and collaborating with Cincinnati Public Schools.
  • Made sure that all of us involved in CPP act as good stewards for the community and honor the trust the community has placed in us.

So for all of that Stephanie…and for all that you will continue to do to support Shiloh, the CPP team and the CPP Board, we express our heartfelt gratitude to you and the contribution you continue to make to the children of our community.”

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