Cincinnati Enquirer: “Cincinnati Preschool Promise more than doubles Denver’s first-year enrollment”

In its first year, Cincinnati Preschool Promise supported over 1,330 students at over 80 preschools throughout the city. Alysun Ogilby, one mother, says it was a life-changer for her.

From the Enquirer:

Ogilby’s twins, Declan and Everett, are at the Duck Creek YMCA preschool in Madisonville, and they love it, Ogilby said. They never seemed particularly interested when she tried to teach them at home, but that’s different now.

“They love Ms. Katie, their teacher, and they’re excited about learning because they see a classroom full of kids who are learning,” Ogilby said.

Without Preschool Promise, she’s not sure what she would have done.

“Preschool Promise was so refreshing to me. And they were so kind,” she said. “They will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

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