With two years of preschool, Louis “will be better prepared for kindergarten”

When Deena Merritt heard about Cincinnati Preschool Promise, she knew it would be a good fit for her son Louis. Since enrolling at CUB Little Blossom in College Hill in the fall, Deena said he has made huge gains. In the fall, Louis will start his second year of preschool.

We spent some time talking with Deena about her experience and the importance of preschool. Here is what she said:


Q: How did you originally hear about Cincinnati Preschool Promise?
A: “My daughter previously went to CUB Little Blossom and we loved it. The school called me to tell me about Cincinnati Preschool Promise and to let me know that it could help with enrolling my son.”

Q: What did you think when you first heard about Cincinnati Preschool Promise?
A: “I was excited because it was great to hear they could help me. Rather than having to pay out of pocket, I could get some help with the tuition.”

Q: You said Cincinnati Preschool Promise has been helpful for your family. How so?
A: “It helped my family in a financial way. I’m a one-person income. Instead of me having to pay for him to go to school, I could focus on other things. This alleviated the stress of how to get him educated. Without Preschool Promise, he would have had to wait until he turned four to go to preschool.”

Q: How has being in preschool helped Louis?
A: “He’s talking better, he’s socializing more. He’s doing really good. They love him at the school.”

Q: How will it help him in the future?
A: “Preschool will help him be better prepared for kindergarten and help him adjust to instruction and sitting down to pay attention to the teacher. He’s learning how to write his name. He’ll be better prepared.”

Q: What would you say to another parent who is thinking about signing up for Cincinnati Preschool Promise?
A: “Oh, go for it. There’s no reason not to. You won’t be disappointed in the service that your child gets. And the benefits will be very helpful for your child.”


Cincinnati Preschool Promise is now enrolling students for the 2018-19 school year. You might be eligible. Click here to learn more and start your enrollment process today.

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