Six Ways Cincinnati Preschool Promise Supports Local Families

It’s amazing to think that only two years ago, Cincinnati Preschool Promise was a growing movement – a dream that gained city-wide support from incredible community and partners. Cincinnati made history when it overwhelmingly supported Issue 44 and the belief that local children deserve a strong start to school and life.

Today, that dream is a reality as we support local children, families, teachers and preschool providers every day. It’s difficult but critically important work, and our team is energized by the people with whom we work – our dedicated partners, talented preschool providers, hardworking families and, of course, the preschoolers.

We are fortunate to receive an occasional note from families impacted by this work. Here are some of our favorites.

This is going to change our lives. We are going to be able to pay all our bills, on time now. No more groceries on credit cards. We’ll be able to make substantial efforts towards paying down debt. We can now realistically plan to make much needed repairs on our home. Thanks and deep appreciation (doesn’t seem to cover it) for all the folks who worked so hard to pass this initiative and make a difference for hard-working families who want to make the best choices for their children.

“I cannot sing enough praises about this program. The program itself and the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. As a newly single mom, I had to return to the workforce after staying home with my children. I had twin boys and any amount of childcare would have been too much. This program not only helped me pay, they were encouraging and I could tell they really cared. I am so very thankful for this program.”

“We were only going to be able to afford to pay for Xhamiir to go to part-time preschool, but Cincinnati Preschool Promise has made it possible for him to go to preschool full-time. By saving so much money on tuition, we will be able to put money back into household expenses.”

“We were nervous Trinity would fall behind because of her cystic fibrosis. Cincinnati Preschool Promise helped send Trinity to a 5-star preschool that has gone above and beyond for her.”

“It helped my family in a financial way. I’m a one-person income. Instead of me having to pay for Louis to go to school, I could focus on other things. This alleviated the stress of how to get him educated. Without Preschool Promise, he would have had to wait until he turned four to go to preschool.”

“It really was beneficial for my family financially. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to afford preschool. I’m thankful that we received Preschool Promise funding because Landon has some social emotional delays and it helped him a lot. He needed to be in preschool. There is no way he would have started kindergarten off on the right food has it not been for the Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

Enrollment is ongoing and we still have openings at preschool locations throughout the city!

If you are interested in applying (or know someone who might be!), please call 513-447-4277 or choose an option below.

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