Ready, Set…Read!

Cincinnati Preschool Promise is excited to announce the re-launch of our Promise Readers initiative.

This initiative aims to provide better preparedness for future schooling for all children. Studies show reading is the key to lifelong learning if you can instill the love of reading early on.   Children who value books are then motivated to read independently and will likely continue to practice independent reading throughout their lives.

There are numerous benefits of reading to preschoolers, including:

  1. Language development: Reading to preschoolers helps to expose them to new words  concepts and can help to build their vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  2. Cognitive development: Reading helps preschoolers to develop their critical thinking skills, as they learn to identify patterns, make predictions, and draw conclusions.
  3. Emotional development: Reading can help preschoolers to understand and express their emotions, as they learn to identify with book characters and develop empathy.
  4. Social development: Reading can be a shared experience between a caregiver and a child, which can help their bond and promote social interaction.
  5. Academic success: Studies have shown that preschoolers who read are more likely to develop a love for reading, which can lead to academic success later in life.

Reading to preschoolers is an important activity that benefits their development and well-being. It can be a fun and engaging way to spend time together, while also helping to promote lifelong learning and success. So, grab a comfy seat and your preschoolers for a weekly story time adventure with CPP’s Promise Readers. You can find our Promise Readers stories on our Facebook Community Page and YouTube Page every Thursday at 7pm.  Look for more resources on reading and family literacy on the CPP website.

Our first Promise Reader is one of Cincinnati Preschool Promise’s founders, US State Representative Greg Landsman reading, If You Have a Hat by Author Gerald Hawksley.

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