Cincinnati Preschool Promise started as a dream—a dream that is now a reality, supporting local children, families, teachers and preschool providers every day. It’s difficult, but critically important, work, and our team is energized by the people we are able to support.

We’re fortunate to receive an occasional note from the families impacted by our work. Here are a few of our favorites:

Before we became a part of the program, we had heard great things. We knew we had to get involved. We are so glad to be in the Tuition Assistance program. Since being in the program, my son has received a tablet to enhance his learning. It has set him up to master his skills and develop confidence. We are so grateful this program exists. Thank you for all the opportunities.

-Marie Hudson, CPP Parent

There is no way [Landon] would have started kindergarten off on the right foot had it not been for the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. It was really beneficial for my family financially… I’m excited for him because he’ll have the hang of being in school. He went all day so he’s gotten the hang of personal space, community, sharing and the just of education and learning. He needed all of that. Small beginnings matter.

-Nakesha Forney, Mom

Cincinnati Preschool Promise has been an absolute lifesaver for my family! I am a single mom with three kids and was eligible to receive the full tuition funds for my youngest two children. They have been able to attend an incredible 5-star rated preschool (Kennedy Heights Montessori). This school has been an absolute treasure with dedicated, smart, professional, and loving teachers and staff members, with a consistent structure and supportive Montessori environment. I could never have afforded my children this opportunity without CPP’s financial support. My middle child is a voracious reader and has already tested as Gifts at his Cincinnati Public School (CPS). I believe that his preschool experiences set him up for this level of success. I also appreciate how my children have been introduced to the Montessori approach, which continues at their CPS Montessori School. I will always be grateful for this amazing resource!

-Briana Ellis, CPP Parent

As a newly single mom, I had to return to the workforce after staying home with my children. I had twin boys and any amount of childcare would have been too much. The program not only helped me pay, they were encouraging and I could tell they really cared. I am so grateful for this program.

-Alysun Ogilby, Mom

Today was my daughter’s first day of school. Thanks, Preschool Promise. Your staff is excellent.

-Alaina Terry Dupree, Mom

“We were nervous Trinity would fall behind because of her cystic fibrosis. Cincinnati Preschool Promise helped send Trinity to a 5-star preschool that has gone above and beyond for her.”


This is going to change our lives. We are going to be able to pay all our bills, on time now. No more groceries on credit cards. We’ll be able to make substantial efforts toward paying down debt. We can now realistically plan to make much needed repairs on our home. Thanks and deep appreciation (doesn’t seem to cover it) for all the folks who worked so hard to pass this initiative and make a difference for hard-working families who want to make the best choices for their children.


Cincinnati Preschool Promise is a great program, not just for Samuel and me, but for a lot of parents out there who want to send their kids to preschool. Cincinnati Preschool Promise will help him succeed as he goes forward in life.

-Marquira Powell, Mom

We were only going to be able to afford to pay for Xhamiir to go to part-time preschool but Cincinnati Preschool Promise has made it possible for him to go to preschool full-time. By saving so much money on tuition, we will be able to put money back into household expenses.


Cincinnati Preschool Promise helped my family in a financial way. I’m a one-person income. Instead of me having to pay for him to go to school, I could focus on other things. This alleviated the stress of how to get him educated.

-Deena Merrit, Mom


If your child is 3 or 4 and ready to get started with schooling, we’ll help you find a preschool provider that’s perfect for their needs, and ensure your family is supported every step of the way.