Cincinnati Preschool Promise started as a dream—a dream that is now a reality, supporting local children, families, teachers and preschool providers every day. It’s difficult, but critically important, work, and our team is energized by the people we are able to support.

We’re fortunate to receive an occasional note from the providers impacted by our work. Here are a few of our favorites:

CPP has been a great partner with our preschool program. At Bobren’s Tiny Tots, we take pride in offering high-quality education to our families. This year, we’ve offered a graduation ceremony with catered food and provided back-to-school supplies for the families and community. This event was made possible by having CPP as a partner with our with enrolled families. Thank you again for your support in helping us continue providing educational experiences for our “tiny tots!”

-Brenda Booker, Bobren’s Tiny Tots Co.

Wow! The Cincinnati Preschool Promise has helped us financially. It has helped us serve more preschool age children. It has helped us pay our teachers a more competitive hourly wage. Our preschool teachers hourly wage ranges from $15-19 per hour. Our children leave our center ready for preschool. Our teachers have degrees in early childhood. Our parents are excited about what their teachers are learning and about the benefits of preschool. We have updated our classrooms and can’t wait to have an open house.

-Robin Brandy, Director, CWFF Child Development Center

“I was able to be a part of Preschool Promise’s Quality Improvement Program, which gave me coaching through 4C for Children to provide me with learning materials for my childcare. This opportunity has provided me with an additional choice for high-quality childcare and preschool.”

-Nicole Burns, Sandbox Child Care

“We are forever grateful for Cincinnati Preschool Promise! Your passion and unending determination has allowed us to achieve a 5-star rating and provide the highest level of quality care. We couldn’t have done this without you!”

Melena Campbell, Daddy’s Daycare Child Development Center

“Cincinnati Preschool Promise has made valuable resources available to me to assure my success and career growth. They have single-handedly kicked open doors that have appeared to be obstacles in my career path as a childcare business owner.”

Laroy Holloway, A-List Kids Childcare and Learning Center

“Preschool Promise is by far the easiest funder that we work with.”

-Beverly McGlasson, Little Lambs Academy

“Because of Cincinnati Preschool Promise, we’ve also been able to add enrichment programs so our preschools have Spanish once a week and soccer once a week. So they do have access to things they may not have had access to if they stayed at home or went to another school setting, and the parents do appreciate that.”

-Garri Davis, Water Lily Learning Center

“I state that the Cincinnati Preschool Promise has helped in many ways. They’ve helped me with cleaning supplies during COVID to keep me and my daycare children safe. Also providing me with a great coach to achieve my stars. Cincinnati Preschool Promise provides great referrals, advertisements, board meetings and exceptional excellence for preschool children and daycare providers. Overall, Preschool Promise is an excellent resource to providers all over the world.”

-Peggy Glasper, Owner, Peggy’s Lovable Daycare