Cincinnati Preschool Promise started as a dream—a dream that is now a reality, supporting local children, families, teachers and preschool providers every day. It’s difficult, but critically important, work, and our team is energized by the people we are able to support.

We’re fortunate to receive an occasional note from teachers impacted by our work. Here are a few of our favorites:

Preschool is an experience that differs from kindergarten in that it allows children to develop under the watchful eye of developmentally appropriate trained personnel. Preschool isn’t an extension of kindergarten; rather, it’s a time for children to develop their reading, writing, and math skills uniquely. It means children are ready for kindergarten, and their families are ready to support their child’s learning. The best early learning environments are developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive, and experience-rich programs. Being ready for kindergarten means having well-developed preschool skills for social interaction, language, play, emotional development, early literacy, familiarity with numbers, and fine motor skills. By investing in early education, businesses and families eventually gain a strong, prepared workforce who live and work in thriving communities.

-Jaumall Davis, Kindergarten Teacher, Oyler School

The Cincinnati Preschool Promise Teacher Promise Grant enabled me to enrich my preschoolers’ classroom learning without negatively impacting my family financially. I’m grateful for the additional support.

-Jennifer Allen, Teacher Promise Grant Recipient

The grant gave me much-appreciated extra income. And I was so happy to be able to purchase items for my classroom without worrying about cost.

-Ann Beiting, Teacher Promise Grant Recipient