High-Quality Preschool:
An Investment In Our Future

Do you want to do something satisfying and of great service to our community? Then join us in our mission to ensure equitable access to high-quality preschool so that every Cincinnati child is prepared for kindergarten and beyond! 

There are several ways you can get involved and invest in high-quality preschools in Cincinnati:

  1. Be a CPP Ambassador
  2. Attend a Community Event
  3. Donate
  4. Shop Amazon Smile

Scroll down for more details or get straight to work!

Become a CPP Ambassador

CPP Ambassadors help Community Providers, preschoolers, and their families bolster quality preschool in Cincinnati by making connections, extending our reach, spreading the word, and amplifying the message of our mission and impact. 

We have a place for everyone at any skill level. The only qualification required is your desire to help. Our opportunities for involvement are flexible and rewarding. Both individuals and organizations are welcomed as CPP Ambassadors and can expand support for quality preschool through many roles, including the following:


Introduce CPP to organizations and groups that share our commitment to our stakeholders, including preschoolers, families, caregivers, teachers, and small business owners.

Outreach Team

Attend community events, parades, festivals, & fairs to distribute info and share your excitement about CPP and quality preschool programs. Check the event calendar >

Marketing Matchmakers

Share CPP with your clients, constituents, or membership by inviting a CPP speaker to address the group, distributing an e-message, or displaying info on-site.

Social Media

Like, share, and post information about CPP and quality preschool on your social media account and share with your networks.

Promise Readers

Read your favorite children’s book and create a video to support preschoolers reading at home.

Please consider joining us and asking your friends, associates, membership, and partnering organizations to join us as CPP Ambassadors. We offer customized training and CPP swag to support your efforts.