Get Involved

Join us by becoming a part of the Promise Team! CPP makes being a volunteer easy and fun. We have a place for everyone at any skill level. The only requirement is your desire to help. Both individuals and organizations are welcomed as CPP ambassadors and can be a part of the Promise Team in the following roles:

Social Media Influencer — Like, share, and post CPP information on your social media account and share with your networks.

Community Voice — Sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, participate in our community surveys, and access fun family-centered resources that support early learning.

Connectors – Introduce CPP to organizations and groups that share our commitment to all of our stakeholders, including preschoolers, families, caregivers, teachers, and
small business owners.

Outreach Team — Attend community events, parades, festivals, & fairs to distribute info and share your excitement about CPP. A CPP Outreach kit is waiting for you.

Promise Readers — Read your favorite children’s book and create a video for our YouTube library to support family literacy.

Support CPP Plus with a contribution that makes special initiatives to support kindergarten readiness possible. Did You Know:

  • $3.50 buys a The Night Before Preschool book for a child, encouraging their excitement about the year ahead.
  • $10 provides monthly postcards to keep a family engaged in the developmental milestones of our youngest learners and The Night Before Kindergarten storybook.
  • $100 provides a classroom with a Calm Corner Kit and Calmee the Caterpillar, helping children learn how to regulate their emotions.
  • $500 funds one month of Musical Journeys sessions in a preschool classroom. CPP’s partnership with Linton Chamber Music’s Peanut Butter & Jam has consistently helped students advance in literacy, math, and social-emotional development.
  • $5,000 supports our Back-to-Preschool Jam, bringing together all children, families, teachers, and providers in the CPP network for a day of educational play and fun to kick off the new school year.