The Cincinnati Preschool Promise Equity Policy

The CPP Board and staff commit to driving equity in our organization, initiatives, and the diverse community we serve.

Cincinnati Preschool Promise addresses equity issues by taking the following steps in our internal structures, spending, policies, and procedures. We design and implement programming to meet our goals:

  • Allocating the organization’s financial, material, and human capital equitably
  • Eliminating, wherever possible, policies and practices that perpetuate these inequities;
  • Ensuring that new CPP initiatives, policies, or procedures do not create inequities
  • Identify, develop, and apply policies and practices that have demonstrably made a positive difference for teachers and Providers from historically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Support building relationships among Providers, in order to break down historic barriers and uplift the sector

Alignment with CPS Board Policy

Specifically, in alignment with the CPS Board Policy 2255 and our mission, Cincinnati Preschool Promise strives to:

  • Stabilize a skilled and qualified workforce, particularly in classrooms serving Cincinnati’s most historically disadvantaged children
  • Foster a highly-skilled preschool teaching workforce including support for historically disadvantaged teachers
  • Develop programs considering the impacts on the diversity of preschool educators, and maintain or expand it in any way possible
  • Work with a wide variety of Provider types (in-home, parochial, public, private, and non-profit centers. The collection of Providers should be geographically dispersed and culturally and linguistically relevant to the children in their care. These needs include, but are not limited to
    • Students from non-English speaking backgrounds
    • Students who have experienced trauma and adverse conditions (ACES)
    • Students with special education needs
    • Students residing in quality gap neighborhoods
  • Ensure that our work addresses inequities and provides options, including single-site centers and family child care