Board of Managers 2022-2023 Committees

Committee Chairpersons

  • Micah Kamrass, Executive Committee
  • Anthony Hobson, Finance & Audit Committee
  • Deborah M. Allsop, Governance Committee
  • Terri England, Community Engagement Committee
  • Sallie Westheimer, Cost of Quality Committee
  • Marcia Futel, Secretary & Vice-Chair to the Executive Committee


Executive Committee

  • Micah Lamrass, Chair
  • Tony Hobson, Finance Committee Chair
  • Deborah Allsop, Governance Committee Chair
  • Terri England, Community Engagement Committee Chair
  • Sallie Westheimer, At-Large Member
  • Verline Dotson, At-Large Member

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Tony Hobson, Chair
  • Christine Fisher
  • Verline Dotson
  • *Jennifer Wagner, CPS
  • *Dawn Reynolds, UWGC

*denotes non-board member committee members

Governance Committee

  • Deborah Allsop, Chair
  • Terri England
  • Marcia Futel
  • Jalissa Hutchins
  • Kristi Phillips

Community Engagement Committee

  • Terri England, Chair
  • Laura Sanregret
  • Bishop Ennis Tait
  • *Eric Rademacher

*denotes non-board member committee members


Cost of Quality Committee

  • Sallie Westheimer, Chair
  • Terri England
  • Laura Sanregret
  • *Patti Gleason – Learning Grove
  • *Barb Herron – UC Early Learning Center
  • *Kelly Hubbard – Cincinnati State University
  • *Garri Davis – Water Lily
  • *Kim Ginn – 4C for Children
  • *Vera Brooks – CPS Early Childhood
  • *Renee Daniels – Community Action Agency – Head Start

*denotes non-board member committee members

Master Agreement Committee

An Ad Hoc committee of the Board (the “Master Agreement Committee”) will work with the Implementation Committee on Master Agreement negotiations. The Master Agreement Committee will (i) solicit feedback from the Board of Managers on what changes Managers would recommend to the Master Agreement; (ii) work with the CPP members of the Implementation Committee to organize and evaluate the responses; and (iii) determine which proposed changes should be part of the Implementation Committee’s negotiations. The CPP Implementation Committee will have the ultimate authority to conduct negotiations on behalf of CPP with respect to the Master Agreement.

Terri England
Marcia Futel
Micah Kamrass
Sallie Westheimer